Sunday, April 19, 2009

How to make fabric hair curlers

Another one on my "Want to Make" list. I saw instructions for making fabric hair curlers on this site.
I was skeptical as to whether or not these would actually work so I gave them a try. I made mine with a slightly smaller circumference than the original. They turned out so cute!

It took 12 to wrap my daughter's hair like this. I wrapped it when her hair was freshly washed and still damp. I also put some mousse in her hair prior to wrapping.
She slept on them the whole night and in the morning, after unwrapping and separating the curls, Viola! A beautiful head of curls, perfect for church!

The curls realxed quite a bit throughout the day, and I think it would have been better if I had wrapped her hair when it had dried a bit more, as well as using more curlers with less hair per curler. It also could help to heat the curlers with the blowdryer in the morning, then unwrapping after they cool completely.
I think I will continue to use these since the curls turned out so much better than those annoying pink sponge curlers that leave the hair frizzy and tangled. They also don't leave that irritating band mark in the hair that the sponge ones leave.
I'm off to make some more. I think I need to make a TON to keep on hand for gifts!


  1. I think yours turned out so cute (even cuter than the link you posted and those were cute) I really need to be put on your gift list!

  2. So cute! Make Abby a set!!

  3. I am working on making a ton to post on Etsy. It's just taking me a while since I am quite behind in the technical world. What color do you want Abby's to be?

  4. I love the finished result! I made my little girls (8 and 3) sleep with those icky foam ones for dance photo's just last week... perhaps they would find me to be a wonderful momma if I got them some nice soft cloth rollers to sleep on before the recital!

  5. I found this through a google search - FANTASTICALLY ADORABLY CUTE! :D
    I just saw the original article, and love it, too, so I may make the thinner ones this coming weekend since it's a long one (an extra day off of school!), and i'll have oodles of time.
    How long did it take for her curls to relax?
    And do you think they would hold longer if I sprayed hairspray into them as I put them up?


    ps. I'm so glad I found your blog! Crafty + Christian + Generally Cool = Win!

  6. Mary,
    It took about an hour, but if the hair is wrapped with a curl enhancer and almost dry (about 85% dry)and left in overnight, it lasts all day.Thanks for visiting.

  7. Great idea! Thank you...taced

  8. Just started visiting your blog, and LOVE IT!!! A word of advice regarding holding the curls: you were right in putting them into damp hair, but spray with spray gel and they will stay all day. I was a competitive dancer, and in Irish Dancing (if you don't have a wig) you have to use foam curlers to achieve a very tight curl. Because it needs to stay through a dance competition, we used a TON of gel in wet hair then put in the curlers. My mom used to use the curlers in our hair before church and used spray gel to get a softer look that would hold all day.
    I'm going to make these for myself (my daughter has naturally curly hair).

  9. This is GENIUS! I just LOVE it! Thanks for sharing -xoxo

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