Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Winter Birdcage Cover

Winter is fast approaching here in my neck of the woods and our birds are getting too cold at night. Normally I just throw a cotton tablecloth over the cage at night but decided it was about time to help my family's feathered friends stay warm at night. The generic birdcage covers at the store left much to be desired so I decided to make one myself. Since the cage is a simple cube shape, this would be easy.
I made a "t" shape according to the measurements of the cage,with a top, bottom and thin cotton batting in the middle. I sewed the layers together with both fabrics right side together and the cotton batting underneath both fabrics.
I sewed around the edges, leaving a small opening for turning. Then I clipped the outer and inner corners and turned it right side out. I pressed the seams smooth and flat. then I top stitched around the edges as well as basted a square in the center to keep the layers from shifting.
I added velcro closures on each side with the loop side sewn on some ribbon tabs.

I only added one closure per side toward the bottom so that there would be enough air ventilation so the birds wouldn't suffocate at night.

Here is the finished cover with the front left open so you could see how it works. I leave the back flaps closed when I remove the whole cover in the day so it is easier to replace it in the evening. Here it is completely closed ( a very poor, blurry photo. Sorry.) This was a fairly simple and quick project and now our birds are nice and warm, and it is darker for them at night as well.


  1. That's very nice! My mother used to just throw a towel over her cage, this is much classier!
    ps - thanks for the tip on the hanging (floppy-top) quilt on my blog! While the fall quilt is up I'll have to move that rod pocket up some!


  2. This is super cute. I love that you made it yourself, it looks so nice! Thanks so much for sharing the details, I'll be linking.