Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cake class and Cookie Monster Cake

Yummy colors of frosting ready to use at a beginners cake decorating class I taught last week.

My oldest daughter and her mad skills.

My mother pretending to need my class so I feel better about myself when really, she could be teaching this class.

To make a super easy cookie monster cake, I showed the class how to make a dome for the head using a round cake pan for one layer of the cake and the other layer using a Pyrex bowl, though this could be done using two round cakes, trimming the top layer after it is stacked to make it a dome shape.

Then we crumb coated the cake and proceeded to cover the entire thing with bright blue fur using a star tip.

After covering the cake with fur, use black frosting for the mouth and pupils of the eyes, and white frosting for the eyes. I also like to stick some cookies in his mouth.

I learned to make this cake when I was 10 and made it for all of my friend's birthdays. I would have put his eyes higher up on his head with this cake, but forgot what he looked like since it has been many, many years since I was 10 (I will not mention exactly HOW many).


  1. I would love to get a easy (Beginner) yet fun Elephant cake pattern. My daughters have birthdays 2 days a part and they both love Elephants. But I have no idea what to do to make a cake for them. I never do anything fun but would love you help. I would need instructions and also the tips to use.

  2. Brenda, hmmm. I'll have to think about how to make an elephant cake.