Monday, July 25, 2011

Smashing Cakes

 I have a new obsession...

 Making darling little 6" and 4" cakes!

These were made for little one year old birthday cake smash photo sessions. It's fun to see these cakes enjoyed by such darling little girls. 

Check out these additional photos by my friend over at ModernExpressionsPhotoBlog.

 I live in Utah, and yesterday was our state holiday, Pioneer Day. To celebrate, I made a little 6" beehive cake since Utah is the "Beehive State". It turned out so cute! 

Then I added some beehive cupcakes to go with it.

The little bees are made from fondant that I placed on toothpicks.

The problem I am having is that there are far more cakes that I am dreaming of making than there opportunities to make them. 

If you live in Utah and are interested in purchasing a cake from me, please email me at

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Eye Candy for Independence Day

 I'm a sucker for any quilts with pinwheels or stars. Add the colors red, white and blue and I can't resist!  Check out these fun quilts for some Independence Day sewing inspiration, then come back tomorrow to see my own patriotic sewing projects!

 I don't typically even view quilts from a catalog since they are usually poorly made and quilted, but I love the design of this one!

Have you made any patriotic quilts? Share a link with me, I'd love to see!!